4th Feb; World Cancer day



 What an inspiration Ms Edie Littlefield Sundby is; She was given three months to live ten years ago after a Stage 4 gallbladder cancer diagnosis, against all odds, she survived 79 rounds of chemo and radical liver and lung surgeries, losing 60% of her liver, and her right lung. She is vibrantly alive, and the only person to have traversed the historic and largely unmapped 1600 mile Mission Trail that spans from Loreto, Mexico, to Sonoma, California. Her book ‘The Mission Walker,’ will be released July 25, 2017.
Few excerpts of inspiration from her book;
I started to walk the day I was told I was dying of cancer. I believe walking has kept me alive. I live with a constant, pressing awareness of death. Once I start to walk, I am not afraid anymore; all is well. I thank God every day for this life, and I want there to be more, though that’s not known. What is known is that I’m alive today, this minute. And that’s pretty much what we all have – this day, this moment. A long walk is a slow remembering of how profound and wonderful life is; God is everywhere and in everything. Wherever I look I am looking at God.
“I am fighting to stay alive not because I fear death, but because I love life.”
The Mission Walker: I Was Given Three Months to Live…


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